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I have attended two presentations given by Liliana Delman on the topic of Racism, Privilege, and Social Injustice and found them to be extremely valuable for my own personal learning. Her communication and knowledge are highly professional and her delivery is both direct and empathetic to all parties being dialogued about. I would highly recommend Liliana Delman to be a speaker or facilitator with all walks of life on the topics of Social Injustice, Privilege, and Racism.

Tom Hilgardner

Holistic Life & Wellness Coach

A strong recommendation landed me in a weekend seminar with Liliana and her father Russell Delman where practices cultivating inner awareness and communication skills were set in a context of diversity and social justice topics. Liliana guided us in exercises and discussions that gently pried open my eyes, mind and heart to more fully recognize the vast inequalities of power and privilege that underpin the fabric of modern human thinking and activities. Liliana’s teaching shed powerful light on the longstanding and complex network of obstacles to every individual’s basic human rights. With a keen respect for the unique way each of us will bridge our personalities, experience, and skill with new understanding, she supports us into action for change. 

Alex Krawciw Levin

Yoga Teacher and Educator

Liliana has been a reliable and trusted professional support for me for many years. She is intelligent, savvy, an excellent communicator, and encourages me to see my own value. Liliana's talent for seeing unique potential in her clients is what sets her apart. You'll be so happy you hired her!

Chamisa Kellogg

Illustrator, fine artist, designer and writer

I had the pleasure of participating in a workshop about embodiment and social justice with Liliana Evans Delman and her father, Russell Delman. The buzz in the group is that Liliana really knows her stuff! She has a thorough working knowledge of her field and a grounded sensitivity in balancing the variations in experience, familiarity, and cultures of the individuals within the group. She handled vulnerabilities and different communication styles with graceful ease. The exercises she created for our self-exploration were clear and powerful. I might have been most impressed with how well she shared leadership in directing us in discussions and experiential learning. It seemed the two teachers complimented each other to our advantage, each finding their individual niche in helping us to have a deep and well-rounded understanding.

Kim Hansen

Feldenkrais practitioner and massage therapist

Liliana has been an extremely skillful and supportive resource for me for many years, in both professional and educational aspects of my life. She wants to get you where you need to go, and wants you to love the process of getting there as much as she does! Liliana is highly motivated, enjoys helping others, and has expert research and organizational skills. Liliana  has been an invaluable resource to me, and I have no doubt that she will be the same for anyone who is lucky enough to hire her in the future!

Sierra Maloch

Aspiring Social Worker

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