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Whether in your organization, school, or office, Delman Consulting can guide you in creating inclusive, conscious and equitable environments with sustainable practices to continue growing together. We work to meet your needs and will plan a unique and effective experience with you.


In addition to our customized sessions, we also offer specific workshops which you can choose from or modify to fit your specific goals:

  • Diversity Education Sessions & Workshops on Social Justice Topics

  • Social Identity Development Practices and Individual/Group Reflections

  • Creating Inclusive Communities

  • Cross-Cultural Conflicts and Mediation

  • Social Justice and Your Organization

  • Diversity, Identity & Understanding

  • Facilitated Dialogues Across Differences

  • Foundations of Inclusive Practices and Evolving Terminology

Contexts for Working with Delman Consulting:

  • Education:

    • Pre-K through High School

    • Waldorf Schools

    • Homeschooling

    • Higher Education

      • Offices & Departments​

      • Student Organizations

  • Non-profits and Foundations

  • Corporate Retreats and Professional Development

  • Businesses and teams of all sizes

  • Faith-based Organizations

  • Presentations and Public Speaking

  • And more!

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