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Liliana Evans Delman

Born and raised in Northern California, Liliana grew up as a world-traveler, spending time living in locations such as Australia, Switzerland, England, and New York. As someone with a sense of personal responsibility for creating inclusive and equitable environments, Liliana found her calling for social justice at a young age. The daughter of embodiment educators, Liliana worked to increase her depth of understanding through education in order to be an effective facilitator. Learning about holistic human development, social identities, and systems of power and oppression solidified her life-long commitment to social justice.

Liliana founded Delman Consulting in 2017, using her background in social justice education, dialogue facilitation, diversity and inclusion training, conflict resolution, and leadership development to work with individuals and groups to create positive personal and social change. 


In addition to her work with Delman Consulting, Liliana is the Assistant Director for Diversity Education at Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken, NJ. In this role, Liliana works to create inclusive communities and serves as a diversity and inclusion subject-matter specialist for students, faculty, and staff.


Liliana earned her BA from Smith College in American Studies & Urban Studies and her MS from Miami University in Student Affairs in Higher Education with a concentration in Diversity, Equity & Culture.

Liliana Evans Delman, M.S.
Founder, Delman Consulting
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